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yes, feel free to ask some here yourselves


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As I understand it, the situation is that no new money flows into the Satoshi scheme and the whales uphold the price of Bitcoin to extend and pretend. Meanwhile crypto is getting cut off from banks and payment institutions. What I am wondering is:

  • Is there a way for the small fry to sell their small holdings and get out?
  • Are the whales buying to keep the price up and thus creating a somewhat liquid market?
  • Is there a run for the exit and if not,why? on 11 Jan 2024 04:07 next collapse

Terra/Luna sounds like a bad pokemon rom hack pair on 11 Jan 2024 06:14 collapse

oh god my brain is generating the idea of a set of Pokémon rom hacks where you’re a crypto lunatic accosting people on the street with your NFT collection, and all the abilities you can use in battle are named after bad crypto talking points


It’s not very effective… on 11 Jan 2024 06:18 next collapse

So basically a much much much less awesome Cassette Beasts? on 11 Jan 2024 06:21 collapse

well fuck telehack, I’m playing this tonight! on 11 Jan 2024 06:40 collapse

Spinda is the OG NFT. Real NFTheads do spinda only playthroughs on 11 Jan 2024 07:36 collapse

It turned out there was money to be made in crashing UST — so in May 2022, someone did. There is a strong rumor (and DOJ investigations) that it was Alameda. Other parties who collapsed because of Terra-Luna left the gaping hole in Alameda that eventually killed FTX. If Alameda fired the first shot directly into their own leg, that would be extremely crypto, as well as extremely funny.

Absolute kino. I really want to believe that Alameda sold her hair to buy FTX a watch chain while FTX sold his watch to buy Alameda a set of combs.