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The network currently produces 23.75 kilotons of e-waste per year, comparable to the entire Netherlands, and every bitcoin transaction uses enough water to fill a swimming pool.

I’ve known for a while how utterly wasteful bitcoin is, but I feel this one in the pit of my stomach. can you imagine wasting a whole swimming pool of water every few minutes gambling? even Vegas casinos, monuments to excess, are a bit less wasteful than that on 29 Jan 2024 18:42 collapse

I keep thinking this too. Imagine knowing this and being responsible for it. Knowing no one uses the bitcoins and if they ever did it would need more water on 29 Jan 2024 19:02 next collapse

re: my question you answered - thanks!

I once worked for an enterprise blockchain startup, it’s all part of my origin story, and my first competitive analysis presentation was about how we were making a blockchain SaaS that competes with industry giants that could bolt on blockchain in a weekend if it had any legs. I’d say every enterprise blockchain product suffers the same fate on 30 Jan 2024 16:41 collapse

Hey lol, my origin story is also rooted in working for a blockchain startup. At one point I had to try to explain to the (technical gifted but financially reckless) founders that making a private blockchain was the worst possible way to do the thing they wanted to do. I can’t remember if I was mostly ignored, or if they understood my point but went ahead with the project anyway because they still figured VCs would care. Either way the project was shelved within a month. on 30 Jan 2024 17:32 collapse

The physical coin thing. I recall the moment coiners were all gloating and mocking the TSA agent who was looking for physical bitcoins on some person traveling with bitcoin paraphernalia. ‘silly idiot doesn’t he know that cryptocurrencies are virtual’, but yeah of course they are also making physical coins with the magical numbers in/on them. But surely this isn’t too complicated for the normal unbanked people to understand and safely use. (The number is going down right, so we are back to banking the unbanked right?) on 31 Jan 2024 09:07 collapse

these used to be popular with bitcoiners

<img alt="" src=""> on 31 Jan 2024 13:08 next collapse

Very cursed. Of course it involves Ron ‘all the white nationalist stuff was send by my interns not me’ Paul. on 01 Feb 2024 00:44 next collapse

at first glance I thought this was a poorly-designed coloring book, which feels appropriate on 01 Feb 2024 07:51 collapse

The fact that this looks like a mid-tier shitpost goes to show how gullible you gotta be to buy into bitcoin