Chris Dixon's web3 book made the NYT bestseller list! ... with a dagger. a16z admit their portfolio companies just happened to bulk-order the book. (
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now I’m wondering if there’s a hall of shame for all the scams, woo, and garbage that’s been caught buying its way onto the NYT bestseller list. it doesn’t even take a lot of money to game the damn thing — I vaguely remember a couple of D-tier fanfic authors breaking into writing novels by throwing money away to get on the list on 13 Feb 2024 19:24 next collapse

I believe the way it’s weighted you just need 1k to 2k sales a week for a few weeks. on 13 Feb 2024 21:35 collapse

there’s no list in wikipedia, but it’d be a great project on 13 Feb 2024 16:10 next collapse

how embarrassment

they can waste energy in analog too on 14 Feb 2024 17:17 collapse

So good it’s absolutely lying off the shelves! on 14 Feb 2024 22:48 collapse

* being flown on 15 Feb 2024 00:19 collapse

each page of this book is statistically more likely to become a paper airplane than it is to be read on 15 Feb 2024 05:47 collapse

YC funding novel flight application technology!