so much for Nakamoto Dundee (
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The identity trial is over, Judge Mellor has clearly had enough, says the evidence is overwhelming and issues a ruling from the bench that Craig Wright is not Satoshi. Game over.…/1768264173664739388


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And nobody was shocked. on 14 Mar 2024 15:44 next collapse

But he said he was Spartacus! on 14 Mar 2024 15:53 next collapse

oi’ve got the accent, can oi ‘ave a go at bein’ S’toshi f’r a bit on 14 Mar 2024 19:55 collapse

Becoming Satoshi [as a bit] on 14 Mar 2024 16:42 collapse

Unrelated to bitcoin but related to shouting ‘im spartacus’ in a reaction to the doxing of stoneyeet I saw some anonymous far right twitter accounts go ‘im stonetoss’, and I was amazed at how much they speak in memes but don’t understand them. You need to give up your real life id and run some risk due to that if you plan to spartacus a doxing. on 14 Mar 2024 22:44 next collapse

oh dude shittoss was doxed that’s lit on 15 Mar 2024 00:04 collapse

Yeah and he is a huge IT-nerd. (as in he is big, a nerd and works in IT). on 15 Mar 2024 01:02 collapse

shocking! on 14 Mar 2024 23:07 collapse

Maybe they were trying to echo “je suis Charlie” that some people tweeted in support of Charlie Hebdo. Or they’re just dumb. on 15 Mar 2024 00:04 collapse

Checked profiles, the latter. on 14 Mar 2024 16:21 next collapse

He fought the law, and the law won. Well at least he has that in common with that other Bitcoin martyr, Ross Ulbricht. on 14 Mar 2024 16:28 collapse

mjg59 weighs in regarding some of the digital evidence presented: on 14 Mar 2024 16:37 next collapse

i love how that’s carefully written in the finest english style on 14 Mar 2024 18:03 collapse

Ha, I also came across that and wanted to share it here.