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@buttcoin - this is a real sentence in a real news article:

Crypto exchange Binance said it will add dogwifhat (WIF) to its listings, lifting the Solana-based token’s price back into the black for the day despite a sell-off in the wider meme-coin market.


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dgerard@awful.systems on 05 Mar 2024 23:03 next collapse

* Criminally convicted crypto exchange Binance said …

bitofhope@awful.systems on 06 Mar 2024 02:02 next collapse

All those years and thousands of person-hours of education and public awareness campaigning. The incredible work put into organizing efforts to inform the populace through PSAs, grassroots programs and viral influencers. Tireless attempts to work with educational institutions to make this common knowledge, but a lot of you all still don’t get it. Ape holders can use multiple slurp juices on a single ape

Amoeba_Girl@awful.systems on 06 Mar 2024 03:28 collapse

imagine the dogwifhat influencers forced to live in their bubble of insincere whimsy, making sure to share their daily quota of memes so other influencers with blue checks can reply with other memes about frens and remilio, all trying desperately to recreate a moment when the public seemed to maybe care about crypto. maybe this is appropriate punishment.