comedy gold: blockchain dev's wallet emptied in "job interview" (
from to on 29 Dec 2023 20:50


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$500 dummy tax on 29 Dec 2023 21:24 next collapse

personally i’m shocked that a blockchain developer might not be of the absolute first rate on 29 Dec 2023 23:38 collapse

Thing is… I’m more angry at blockchain companies than the developers, even the subrate ones who make mistakes like this. Not every blockchain developer is a true believer; mostly, they’re just people trying to get by, and assuming the best of other people and job opportunities. It’s the way blockchain ecosystem encourages the consumption of the latter that really ticks me off. on 29 Dec 2023 23:21 collapse

Given the inflation situation in Turkiye, this probably hurt more than the amount would suggest at first glance. on 29 Dec 2023 21:30 next collapse

Move fast and break th- oh there goes my wealth. on 29 Dec 2023 23:09 next collapse

Crypto is advancing, now even sophisticated users get scammed. on 29 Dec 2023 23:21 next collapse

Reminds me of that ad for a blockchain dev gig in Toronto at like twice the usual rates. on 30 Dec 2023 12:00 next collapse

As someone currently seeking work and discovered I sent a resume with “lorem ipsum” in it, I can relate. on 02 Jan 2024 14:29 collapse

I think I have also gotten job offers like this in the past, some cryptocurrency person was messaging me with a job offer on reddit because of my insightful posts about cryptocurrencies in r/buttcoin. (lol)