Fraudsters steal more than $25 million in "AI-powered" crypto ponzi (
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this has all my favorite grifts in one! crypto, AI, and the one where you re-scam the victims of your other scam by pretending to be the cops!


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The irony is that moment that there is actually a governmental “Federal Crypto Reserve” agency is the moment you know that civilization has already collapsed and you better have been hoarding potatoes. on 13 Dec 2023 18:37 collapse

that’s the civilization-level collapse the dedicated crypto fuckers have been rooting for, cause their understanding of technology is so faulty that their vision of a collapsed society they can rule over includes working wifi and a global networking apparatus that hasn’t fractured into a million pieces (considered an acceptable failure state for how the internet was originally designed) or failed completely (the more likely case now that all our infrastructure is incredibly centralized) on 13 Dec 2023 18:47 collapse

If there is a not total civ level collapse which still fractures the internet into different networks which do not communicate, I think crypto will be even more fun, as then you can double spend without needing 51% if you have trade the same coin at the same time on both networks. Not trading anonymously/trusting that you can find the guy who you sold a thing too later to reverse the transaction, would fix that of course but wasn’t that one of the appeals of crypto?

Say if I was a Russian olicharch with a lot of crypto and Putin decides to close the digital iron curtain, I would dump all my crypto at both markets at the same time the moment the curtain is down. Sure eventually your crypto gets owned by either a russian or a non-russian due to the consensus algo but that is their problem not yours. on 13 Dec 2023 18:23 collapse

Re ‘re-scamming’

I heard that in redteaming (legally breaking into places to test their security) there is a trick that when you are caught you say ‘no dont kick us out, this was allowed, call person X he works here’ while giving a phone number of one of your accomplices who sits nearby in the van so the break in can carry on. Always thought that was a clever trick. on 14 Dec 2023 20:29 collapse

That reminds me of an academic publishing scheme–some journals ask for the names/email addresses of potential referees. There was a group that supplied bogus email addresses that led back to the original authors, who would duly reply with highly laudatory referee reports. What caught them out was that the authors sent back the bogus reports the next day or two after the journal requests; real referees wait till the last minute and even then only reply after the journal’s requested deadline and prodding by the journal editors.