Crypto collapse: FTX is liquidating and getting an examiner, Tether’s Q4 attestation, more ETFs coming (
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And I’m never wrong about this stuff. Never.


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We’re still early. There are 10^57 coming humans age but not enough buttcoin for all of them. Little known fact: buttcoin are unique even across simulations, so we get some real scarcity! on 04 Feb 2024 11:54 collapse

this is the kind of limited thinking brought to the fore by an unthinking merkelsimp! we could obviously make multiple overlay networks that even have societally-namespaced usage available. such a trivial namespacing extension to handle multiple networks for simulation environments, just seed different root keys and use with a prefix! smh, these amateurs… 🤯🙄😭

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This is good for Bitcoin /j on 04 Feb 2024 10:18 next collapse

Are FTX creditors being made whole in $ at time of liquidation or in whatever shit/alt-coins they happened to hold at FTX at the time? on 04 Feb 2024 12:43 collapse

Dollar value. on 04 Feb 2024 11:49 collapse

remember guize, crypto is the future

any day now bitcoin is going to be the only currency worth having