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Hello there, I’m Dave, reaching out from AllArk. Our journey since 2022 has been dedicated to offering a simplified solution for converting crypto into traditional currency via: •Bank Transfers • Mailed Cash • Debit Card Methods Though we’ve been US-focused, the demand keeps growing, and we continue to meet your needs right here at home. We’ve established solid relationships with OTC trading desks within the USA to expand our crypto cash-out service through mail throughout the United States. :) We ensure that all cash transactions are securely tracked and insured, promising delivery within no more than three business days. Our recent beta tests have been successful, with positive feedback that we’re excited to build on. This development is great news for the crypto community in the USA, making it easier to withdraw or spend your crypto. And don’t miss out on our Crowdfunding platform, which can assist in raising crypto for your projects. Enjoy your day! Warm regards, Dave from AllArk


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three business days

lol innovation! Send money instantly!

Wonder how it goes when somebody converts a few hundred bitcoin into cash. Is the breaking bad style container free of charge?

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Good point.

Checked reddit. Seems people are having some issues, even the ‘offical reddit guys’ from allark have their reddit accounts suspended.

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This guy, probably: “crypto is the future! It’s untraceable! No step on snake!”

This guy, also: “why does the postal service have police officers? What’s wire… how do you pronounce this… fraud?”