Man vanishes after allegedly pocketing about $500,000 in cryptocurrency account error (
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Finally, a smart criminal. on 25 Feb 2024 13:16 collapse

Not really.

He wasn't a criminal before he started hiding the money. Now he is, and he’s going to have to go into hiding for the rest of his life or be arrested if he hasn't managed to flee the country. on 25 Feb 2024 12:37 next collapse

Code is law.

I don’t know why they are bothering with ‘state courts’. on 25 Feb 2024 12:38 collapse

I’m kinda interested in that the paper refers to the accused as “a Victorian man” and not “a Victoria man”. Raises time-traveling issues were a person from Victorian times settle in Australian Victoria. on 25 Feb 2024 12:43 next collapse

Haven’t you heard? The State of Victoria was annexed by time-travelling Victorians in the name of their queen. We’ve been at war for over a decade; it is why Australia spends any significant amount of money on its military.

It’s been rough because the time paradoxes are not in our favour. Killing a Victorian causes a battalion of soldiers to BTTF fade from existence. on 25 Feb 2024 13:09 next collapse

Why would they be called a Victoria man?

Its like saying an Alaska man instead of an Alaskan man.

- A Victorian man from Victoria. on 25 Feb 2024 18:22 collapse

But it’s always “Florida man” not a “Floridian man”. on 26 Feb 2024 12:24 collapse

I’m fairly sure some parts of Australia are still pretty Victorian. Editorial pages, much of the parliament thingy, etc.