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from to on 06 Mar 2024 02:36

OK OK old news I know. But this is a metal cover of a bitconnect speech that I found pretty amusing:


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this has made my day thank you on 06 Mar 2024 15:40 next collapse

While the sound of bitconnect guy saying “Bitconneeeeect!!” is etched firmly in my mind I did read the title and mentally heard it in the similar but different cadence of ozzy osbourne shouting “Crazy Traaaaaain!!!” at the start of the song “Crazy Train” on 06 Mar 2024 15:43 collapse

Ok woah this is all very amazingly well arranged and harmonised. Thanks for linking!!! on 06 Mar 2024 16:07 next collapse

The bitconnect guy also lost all his money right? I have referenced the wave speech before, but this was the highpoint for bitconnect. on 06 Mar 2024 18:25 collapse

Looking at his youtube channel he looks like the sort who falls for scams easily, so I felt a little bad about posting this. It was too good not to though. on 06 Mar 2024 20:00 next collapse

Ow yeah it was pretty good, and the guy is very memeable like this. It just is odd, that he was both a victim and part of the scammers at the same time. It is what kind of sucks about these MLM schemes. on 06 Mar 2024 23:13 collapse

his wife didn’t actually leave him

so he didn’t make, ah

wife-changing money on 07 Mar 2024 08:16 collapse

I’ve never actually had the patience to watch his whole speech before! This gave me that patience and I winced so fucking hard when he talked about his wife calling it a scam