Memestocker contacts BBBY bankruptcy admin, gets back a cease and desist (
from to on 23 Dec 2023 00:34

Memestockers will of course double down:…/posting_since_it_wasnt_yet_inter…


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this is a delicious follow-up to the last post, where a bunch of memestockers goaded each other into both believing bankruptcy administrators don’t exist and that the bankruptcy administrator was in on the conspiracy to rob America of its beds, baths, and even beyond

The cease and desist is dated 9th of December. Strange how no one thought to mention that at Pulte’s event

You haven’t seen anything from any other attorney and retail investors who followed Pultes advice , because if it was done correctly a NDA was signed… this is fake … why are these shills trying so hard… we aren’t stupid on 23 Dec 2023 10:21 next collapse

Next they’ll be saying JFK Jr will appear at the grassy knoll to do the Q4 earnings call on 23 Dec 2023 13:34 collapse

You joke, butt on 24 Dec 2023 21:22 collapse

The company is gone.

Their money is gone.

Why can’t they just accept they were wrong. How belligerent do you have to be?