Welcome to Buttcoin! Here's your accordion
from dgerard@awful.systems to buttcoin@awful.systems on 12 Dec 2023 10:00

By popular demand, awful.systems (“the jank is a feature”) is now hosting a sub for hurling ordure at crypto dweebs of all sorts. We are only here for debate as long as it amuses us. Meme stocks are also on topic.

There was a buttcoin at kbin.social/m/Buttcoin but it never took off and is basically dead. Let’s see how we go here. Tell your fellow crypto sufferers!

We’re in the Fediverse so you should be able to read and post from other Lemmy servers, from some Mastodon/*oma/*key servers and maybe from kbin servers if the sunspots are aligned, as well as from awful.systems itself. Federation is sorta clunky. The URL to follow is: awful.systems/c/buttcoin


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Shitgenstein1@awful.systems on 13 Dec 2023 00:05 next collapse

Buy the dump. 🍑💎🙌

swlabr@awful.systems on 13 Dec 2023 04:37 next collapse

OOTL, can someone explain the accordion bit

dgerard@awful.systems on 13 Dec 2023 07:54 collapse

just the old Far Side comic <img alt="" src="https://awful.systems/pictrs/image/b67b268b-04e2-4f35-9778-6531da003b90.png">

bitofhope@awful.systems on 13 Dec 2023 09:36 collapse

Appropriately, “hanuri” in Finnish means “accordion” but it’s also a slang term for anus.

fasterandworse@awful.systems on 13 Dec 2023 14:06 collapse

the butt is omnipresent. it is our incentive token. our game theory has placed us neatly between the cheeks, the optimum position for sneering at the effluent of the techno optimists