Tether, FTX, and Deltec Bank: MONEY TIME (amycastor.com)
from dgerard@awful.systems to buttcoin@awful.systems on 10 Mar 2024 01:29

you’ll be reassured to know this guy is Tether’s personal banker


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froztbyte@awful.systems on 10 Mar 2024 05:29 next collapse

you’d think with all those valuable tethers they could afford some decent webcams

froztbyte@awful.systems on 10 Mar 2024 05:41 collapse

reading about the North Dimension bit[0], it keeps being amazing how absolutely banal and outright obviously bullshit all the scam operations were, and that any of the people involved in it could try to go “who, me?” after the fact is astounding to a degree I barely have words for

[0] for a couple of years from around 2017~2018, my city had a bad case of coiner startups (even with its own mini collective of ICO hopefuls), so I stayed away from the space as much as I could because they all made my skin crawl. resultingly there’s some intermediate details that I missed

swlabr@awful.systems on 10 Mar 2024 05:25 collapse

That guy doesn’t look coked up enough for me to trust his financial opinions

Soyweiser@awful.systems on 10 Mar 2024 14:27 collapse

Yeah bad skin care routine and doesn’t even have a quality business card. I doubt he even returns video tapes!

froztbyte@awful.systems on 10 Mar 2024 19:06 collapse