crypto and sex work: even the sex workers who are coiners themselves find it unusable dogshit (
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Wtf did I just read on 04 Apr 2024 16:01 collapse

I imagine it was an article about how “Sex workers are skeptical that crypto can answer all their financial problems”. on 06 Apr 2024 12:01 collapse

yep. rule 34©, “if it was useful to sex workers, they’d be using it”

it’s actually funny. early on in the wave I watched a couple of performers make attempts at getting this use out of this stuff (often in partnership with startups or outright making new ones). they all gtfo’d within months, for a variety of reasons. I only saw a handful directly speak about the choices to leave (and/or details about some of the worse offenders), but one can make some likely inferences about events nonetheless[0]

wonder if, at this point, it’s worth trying to interview any of them about that. feels a bit too long since?

[0] - turns out if you have often-marginalised and/or abused groups participate in things with vultures, they’re not all that blind to the bad behaviour of the vultures. who knew?!