the most crypto thing I've ever seen that doesn't actually involve crypto (
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I’ve been reading through the top all time /r/hobbydrama posts and I keep coming back to this one. In a way, it’s the best summary of the promises crypto makes I’ve seen. People buying fiefdoms in a game that doesn’t exist because they so desperately want the experience of being kings, because they so desperately want to be the boot that grinds… it’s beautiful to see this presented without the nonsense about supposed democratization or freedom.

the time capsule aspect is fascinating too. the layperson’s innocence is now tainted by NFTs. you will never again see people struggle with the concept of this grift as purely as these posters did in 2017.


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Per wikipedia, it’s scheduled to release this year! on 01 Mar 2024 19:27 collapse

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I think Star Citizen was the true NFTs before NFTs became a thing. Essentially the same thing as this with cosmetic differences at best. on 02 Mar 2024 00:26 collapse

there’s this wonderful cognitive clash where some of the folks I’ve seen rant about play to win games are also happy to drop inordinate amounts of money on something like star citizen where most of the apparent gameplay is structured around paying for bigger ships on 02 Mar 2024 15:25 next collapse

This was fascinating, thanks for posting. on 02 Mar 2024 16:06 collapse

Ah the libertarian dream of being your own king.

What do you mean water rights are not included in my property?