Zeke Faux: crypto is still a pile of fraudulent dogshit (www.bloomberg.com)
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Bankman-Fried is still doing what he can to spread the hype. Recently, one of the guards at the Brooklyn prison where he’s being held asked him for crypto trading advice, according to a person with knowledge of the interaction, who requested anonymity citing legal concerns. Bankman-Fried suggested the guard sell his XRP tokens and buy Solana.

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

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Seems you’re more than capable; why ask for help doing it?

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I’m blocking you for this bizarre failed attempt at an insult and this restaurant critique.

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To sum up: the fries should be arranged for height in the center of the plate, with the lemon wedges on the flat outer plane of it ~11 or 2 o’clock (the sauces taking the other position, regardless) and the slaw could be nestled between them and the bottom edge of the fries. This way, not only do the side (slaw), garnish (lemons), and sauces not crowd the plate or the guest’s access to the meal, but the fish can be proudly presented as the real gem of the dish.

goodness me

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feng shui plating

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I think we need a limey’s take on whether this is legit or simply cultural appropriation.

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overpriced london gastropubs pull this bullshit routinely, so

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the fuck? the right way to serve fish and chips is in the greasy paper bag over the even more greasy counter at a chipper on the corner, where they barely stop to ask if you don’t want vinegar with your chips.

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Sir escaped these septic isles in good time, there is nothing the Brutish can’t fuck up with sufficient overelaboration

what they do with hamburgers these days is possibly worse

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im always nestling my slaw