[DE] German credit agency earns millions through unlawful customer manipulation (noyb.eu)
from You@feddit.de to dach@feddit.de on 16 Feb 2024 11:59

Today, noyb has filed a complaint and report against the German credit agency SCHUFA with the Hessian data protection authority. The company appears to be making millions of euros by selling people in Germany their own data. With the help of manipulative designs, people are prevented from obtaining a free copy of their data in accordance with Article 15 GDPR – even though they would actually be legally entitled to it. The company’s primary aim appears to be to profit from people looking for accommodation. In Germany, they often have to provide proof of solvency in order to obtain a lease.


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WhiteHotaru@feddit.de on 16 Feb 2024 12:16 next collapse

Lovely! I’ll get some popcorn🍿!

Metz@lemmy.world on 16 Feb 2024 12:29 next collapse

Gefällt mir wie die Schufa in letzter Zeit auf den Deckel bekommt. Längst überfällig!

aaaaaaaaargh@feddit.de on 16 Feb 2024 18:19 collapse

So viel auf die Fresse wie die verdient haben, können sie in 100 Jahren nicht von ihren “Kunden” zurückscammen.

themoleofdoom@feddit.de on 16 Feb 2024 12:31 next collapse

If you understand German, here’s some recent media coverage of this “agency”:


DeltaSix@feddit.de on 16 Feb 2024 12:32 next collapse

Schufa is a pain in the ass. But almost every company used it’s scoring points (Landlords, Banking, Phone companies etc) for judgement of financial security of the customer.

The German court allready decided a case against Schufa, which entitles a lot of people to financial compensation (e.g. Phone providers, who provided data to Schufa without acknowledging of customers).

It looks like Schufa might be done and this one will be the last nail into the coffin.

I made a reminder to do a yearly inquiry there for providing me with my data, the same data would cost around 30,-€ but once a year we can check the data about us there (Data Security and Privacy Act)

RootBeerGuy@discuss.tchncs.de on 16 Feb 2024 12:49 collapse

It looks like Schufa might be done and this one will be the last nail into the coffin.

I really really really hope you are right, it is about fucking time. Disgusting company. Somehow I have feeling they are going to find a way to stay in business though. It is all about money.

DrunkenPirate@feddit.de on 16 Feb 2024 20:01 collapse

Noyb lebt von Spenden. Die werden sinnvoll eingesetzt, wie ihr seht