Bounty for SDM845 camera support (
from to on 20 Jan 2024 13:08

I would like to incentivize timely (1-2 months max.) implementation of pmOS camera-support for SDM845 devices by offering a bounty of 6 XMR (Monero, the digital cash). The intent to win the bounty has to be discussed here beforehand.

If supporting the entire list of devices implies significantly more effort than a subset, the minimum should be OnePlus and Shift. Details from comment:

When one opens a camera application (like millipixels), the screen should show what the camera points at and capturing color photo and video of that content should be possible. It should run in a stable manner (meaning no anticipated crashes) and the required changes should be accepted into the postmarketOS edge branch.

If bounties happen to be against the ethos of the project, let me know.

On the contrary, I hereby invite others to chip in.

Comment if interested.


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In favor of supporting our currency as a medium of exchange, any bounties should be quoted in Monero rather than USD, imho. on 29 Jan 2024 12:46 collapse

Agreed. I updated the description accordingly. on 29 Jan 2024 14:28 next collapse

Can you clarify - what’s the bounty for - Full hard ISP ? on 29 Jan 2024 16:24 collapse

If all you want is the imx519 with CAMSS/bayer on rb3, that should be easy enough todo on 30 Jan 2024 16:17 next collapse

Refer to this and further comments for details.

Did this help? (referenced quote now added to description) on 31 Jan 2024 15:46 collapse The complexity is that we have a couple of different versions of IMX519 driver already from the Arducam 16MP camera, as well as an expectation that as this sensor should be CCS compatible, it should run with the already upstream CCS driver.

One thing that /would/ help is if someone can find the full register programming manual for the IMX519 which we have not been able to obtain.

On SDM845 (I would guess this might indicate someone is looking at perhaps the OP6 here) there are a couple of small integration issues for the DT and regulators as well. Anyway - My hope is to work through this and get the SoftISP running on OP6 (with the IMX519) during FOSDEM. on 31 Jan 2024 15:36 next collapse

Interestingly, I’m already planning to meet with one of the PmOS developers this weekend at FOSDEM to work on this. But I would probably say I’d recommend this bounty goes to either the PMOS or libcamera projects rather than myself if/when we get this completed. on 01 Feb 2024 11:32 collapse

Great. Maybe you can give a little heads-up after the weekend. on 08 Feb 2024 17:45 collapse

Quick updates here.

We managed to get the IMX519 driver probing successfully with the CCS driver (an alternative driver that should be able to run this module), but discovered that the camera is connected over C-PHY instead of D-PHY, which explains our earlier difficulties and inability to capture so far.

The good news is that, knowing that helps a long way to the next steps. The bad news is that as I understand it, C-PHY is not yet supported in the camss driver. So the next development steps are to first determine getting C-PHY support added, and then we can come back to testing and validating the IMX519. With a blocker on the C-PHY, for now I wouldn’t expect this to be achievable in the next two months. on 08 Feb 2024 19:40 collapse

Thank you - are you looking at adding that support to camss yourself?

Kudos on the progress! on 31 Jan 2024 18:55 collapse

I dont have the knowledge to make the camera work and I am also completely fine with the camera not working