Fairphone 2 boot on TTY
from Cyberfox@lemmy.ml to postmarketos@lemmy.ml on 17 Jul 2023 22:20


I got a problem with my installation of PostmarketOS on a Fairphone 2

The problem

When the phone boot, after the PostmarketOS logo, I got a TTY instead of phosh or gnome.

I have no UART or network access to the phone, so I try to copy the error message I can see with a magnifying glass:

msm_mdp fd900100.display-controller: [drm:adreno_request_fw] loaded qcom/a330_pm4.fw from new location
msm_mdp fd900100.display-controller: [drm:adreno_request_fw] loaded qcom/a330_pfp.fw from new location
input: ILI210x Touchscreen as /devices/plateform/soc/f9924000.i2c…
[drm:mdp5_irq_error_handler] *ERROR* errors: 04000000
Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 135x120
msm_mdp fd900100.display-controller: [drm] fb0: msmdrmfb frame buffer device

And then, I got an invite to log on TTY1

The installation

I use pmbootstrap. On the init, I choose this configuration:

Canal: Edge
Vendor: Fairphone
Device: fp2
Kernel: mainline
User interface: Phosh
All other options: The default

I flashed by following the wiki page: wiki.postmarketos.org/…/Fairphone_2_(fairphone-fp…

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