Error When trying to Update Pinephone
from to on 23 Mar 2024 00:02

I tried to update my Pinephone CE using “sudo apk upgrade -a” and received the error

“Not continuing due to stale/unavailable repositories. Use --force-missing-repositories to continue”

I am on 23.12 with Phosh. I remember hearing that the Pinephone may be getting dropped from main to community so I wasn’t sure if this was related to that or something different. Is it safe to use the command it suggests ? I figured I would ask before blindly doing it.


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Well the great thing about PinePhone is that if you break it you can always reformat and start fresh. If it were my phone I would trust the command it tells me to run, assuming you have a backup I guess. on 24 Mar 2024 17:53 collapse

This sounds more like a network problem, maybe something on your end or that one of the repos was temporarily unreachable (usually it’s the postmarketOS repo for me in such situations). I recommend running sudo apk update in situations like this and reading through the output. Depending on which repo is unreachable (= if it’s one of the alpine repos) it may be a better idea to delay upgrading.

It definitely has nothing to do with the device being dropped from main to community — both categories mean that the device is served by stable.

Hope this helps! on 25 Mar 2024 05:30 collapse

I tried the update command and the repos that the error occur on are



I don’t get the error on my Pinebook Pro which si also on PostmarketOS 23.12 if that matters. on 25 Mar 2024 08:12 collapse

Haven’t seen that error yet, but I’d suggest trying other Alpine mirrors (set them in your /etc/apk/repositories):

(there’s also “apk fix” which helps when installing a package failed earlier for whatever reason, but that doesn’t seem to be the cause here)