Help, I can't boot anymore a Fairphone 2
from to on 26 May 2023 18:34

Hello every one.

So, I regularly test PostmarketOS on a Fairphone 2. Until now, it booted with no problem. But the last time I tested it, it failed to boot.

I use pmbootstrap. On the init, I choose this configuration:

I flashed with 2 methods: From the TWRP recovery, with adb sideload, and from the bootloader with pmbootstrap flasher.

The result is the same: On boot, the Fairphone logo is shown then slowly fade to leave a black screen. Sometimes, I get vertical white lines. But nothing more.

I rebooted on TWRP and search for getting the last dmesg or the pstrore. With no success. But it’s maybe because I use the mainline Kernel.

As I don’t have an UART access, I don’t know how to get more info on why the boot fail.

Do you have any idea ?

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